Wadi Bin Hammad

In Jordan, Kerak (al-Karak) is best known for its impressive crusader castle, where Homeric battles took place between Saladin and Renaud de Chatillon, around 1180 A.D. But near Kerak, is also located the wonderful Wadi Bin Hammad: high sandstone cliffs, waterfalls, hanging gardens, bucolic stream … 


Wadi Bin Hammad is one of the deep valleys and it’s located in the southern part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the Karak Governorate, where it descends to approximately 4 km, and extends its length up to 15 km to eventually reach the Dead Sea from the southern side. From the valleys filled with cold river water.

Wadi Bin Hammad

To reach Wadi Bin Hammad, the journey begins from the northwest of the city of Karak, passing through orchards and farms over an extension of up to 2 km, and then reaching the mineral baths, and from here the journey begins on foot because the area is rugged and cars cannot pass through, Where the journey extends by walking for a distance of up to 3 km through the rocky Siq similar to the Siq in the Rose Petra, up to the beginning of the valley, which begins to expand gradually until it reaches the Dead Sea.

This short and attractive family-friendly walk is an easy stroll for all ages and is a wonderful introduction to Jordan’s hidden natural treasures.

The drive to the wadi on the valley’s steep slopes is spectacular by itself, with magnificent views of the area.



Wadi Bin Hammad History

And speaking of Wadi Bin Hammad, here is a historical overview of it and the origin of its name. It was called by this name, according to historians of Bani Hammad who came from Andalusia in 1492 AD, where they inhabited the outskirts of this valley and in the heart of the valley, and some of them went to the north to the city of Ajloun. , and all because of the similarity of the geographical and climatic nature of the valley and Ajloun with Andalusia, which is famous for its greenery and natural beauty.

Activities you can do inside Wadi Ibn Hammad Al Karak :

  • At the beginning of your auspicious arrival at the valley with your family or friends, you should take an exploration tour of all its internal features to know the type of activities that you will do later.
  • In addition, you can go to the crystal lake in the centre of the reserve to experience the refreshing sport of swimming with friends and diving, in addition to the possibility of catching fresh river fish.
  • At the end of your trip full of excitement and fun in this charming natural landmark, do not forget to get the most beautiful photographs literally for memory and save them in the archives of your periodic trips.

Wadi Bin Hammad 2


Recommended Duration:

3 hours

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