Wadi Rum - As on Mars

This is one the most unique and amazing places that you could see in your life with no doubts, and as a tour guide I can quote what many of our travelers and myself has felt once they start driving in Wadi Rum desert “As if you were taken into another plant” and this is because the place is so quite -usually- with amazing and high standing mountains or rocks and red -very red- sand dunes; add to all that is you won’t see -again usually- any lifetime on this desert. 

It is possible to spend just a few hours on the place, and some people spend days ! From my experience I can till; whatever time you are going to spend on Wadi Rum you will feel at the end while leaving that you did not spend enough time ! Yes, this is true ! the minimum recommended time is to spend two hours and you could do this by taking a Jeep Tour with the locals; and the reason why Jeep tour because the Wadi Rum are is a massive area (720 Km2 / 280 Sq Mile ) and you need to drive through (off-Road driving ) in order to see some of its beauty (you could do a camel ride as well - but what you would see in 2 hours need a day on the camels - or hiking - and this the reason why the 2 hours jeep tour is the minimum recommended activity to do in Wadi Rum.

If you are planning to spend the night at Wadi Rum , make sure to take the right decision because the Jeep tour and the activity that you will do while on the area depends on it - The reserve part (from Wadi Rum Village ) is the best selection but keep in mind that all campsites on this part are mostly isolated (No cell or internet coverage) and you reach them with the locals on their cars -off road driving , most of the camps are using Solar systems and some have their own electric generators with limited full power operation. The other part of Wadi Rum where most of the camps are located usually cheaper in price, has Internet and cell coverage, some of these camps are just beside the road, they have electricity 24/7 hours a day , those camps are usually bigger, more fancy , and more crowded, and some of them has loud nights activities (usually local dancing and singing )


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