Zarqa City

Zarqa is a city located in the northeast of the capital Amman, surrounded by Syria the Palestinian territories and Saudi Arabia as its neighboring countries. Zarqa covers a total area of ​​60 square kilometers and is located at an elevation of 2,031 feet above sea level. Zarqa is famous for its industrial center which houses 50% of the total factories located in Jordan. Zarqa is the second most populous city after Amman.


Zarqa History

The Zarqa  area also has a rich cultural history due to its strategic location and water resources. It was used as a station for pilgrims and camel trains and Lawrence of Arabia was stationed in Zarqa Castle during the Arab Revolt. The local people are also unusually diverse, coming from three different ethnic origins, Bedouin, Chechen and Druze; each of which has distinctive beliefs and traditions. Bedouins have lived a nomadic lifestyle in the area for generations, whereas the Chechens are descendants of settlers from the Caucasus and the Druze stem from Arab tribes in Syria and Lebanon. Zarqa was founded in 1902 by Chechen immigrants who were displaced from the wars between the Ottoman and Russian empires, and settled along the Zarqa River. At that time a station was built on the Hejaz Railway in the new settlement. It turned the blue railway station into an important hub. On April 10, 1905, the Ottoman governor issued a decree allowing Chechen emigrants to own the lands on which they had settled. Then the population grew rapidly. On November 18, 1928, the new Jordanian government issued a decree establishing the first municipal council for the city of Zarqa. After the formation of the Transjordan Border Force in 1926, the British Army set up military bases in the city, and the city later became known as the "Military City", and the headquarters of the Jordanian Arab Legion was in Zarqa.

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Zarqa Weather 

In Zarqa, the summers are long, hot, arid, and clear and the winters are cold and mostly clear. Over the course of the year. The hot season lasts for 4.4 months, The cool season lasts for 3.1 months.

Best Restaurants:


Al Siran Restaurant

It is one of the famous restaurants that have several branches, which are characterized by providing delicious food, offering broasted chicken, delicious shawarma, various snacks and grills.


Bahaa El Din Restaurant

One f the distinctive restaurants with the quality of pottery, griddle, and grills for meat, fish and chicken,Which is characterized by its delicious taste, acceptable prices, great taste, distinctive services, and attention to hygiene and the customer.


Alia Central Restaurant

Beautiful, clean place with a lot of Jordanian dishes to choose from. Very friendly staff and fast service.


Imran Alimat Restaurant

It serves traditional dishes & the price range is suitable and not expensive.

Best Universities in Zarqa

  1. Zarqa University
  2. The Hashemite University
  3. BA University College

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Places you May visit in Zarqa


Qasr Amra 

It is the best-known of the desert castles located in present-day eastern Jordan. It was built some time between 723 and 743, by Walid Ibn Yazid, the future Umayyad caliph Walid II,whose dominance of the region was rising at the time. It is considered one of the most important examples of early Islamic art and architecture.its location along Jordan's major east–west highway, relatively close to Amman, have made it a frequent tourist destination.


Shaumari Nature Reserve

It is a great place to learn about desert habitats. Shaumari Wildlife Reserve was established in 1975 by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature as a breeding center for endangered or locally extinct wildlife, this small, 22-square-kilometre reserve is a thriving protected environment for some of the most rare species of animals in the Middle East. Oryx, ostriches, Onagers (an Asian wild ass) and gazelles, which are depicted on many local 6th century Byzantine mosaics, are rebuilding their populations and reasserting their presence in this safe haven, protected from hunting and habitat destruction that nearly wiped them out.


Azraq Wetland Reserve

It is a nature reserve located in the town of Zarqa in the eastern desert of Jordan. which takes its name from the Arabic word for ‘blue’. A migratory stopover for birds from three continents, Zarqa is becoming increasingly popular for bird watching. From the walkways and hides, visitors get the chance to observe birds close at hand, including local, migratory and occasional rare species.

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Qsar Al-Azraq

It is a large fortress located in present-day eastern Jordan. It is one of the desert castles, located on the outskirts of present-day Zarqa, roughly 100 km (62 mi) east of Amman.The fort has a square structure with 80 m long walls encircling a large central courtyard. The main entrance gate through the South tower consists of two massive basalt slabs, which can still be moved easily. The Umayyad caliph Walid II transformed it into his favorite hunting residence in a time when the wetlands nearby offered an extraordinarily rich wild fauna. The mosque in the courtyard, the well and the stables are from this period.

Zarqa City Population ( 2020 Study ) 

Zarqa city population is around 792,665 based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data.

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